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Tel +45 22 66 09 11

The way we work

- Together,


or with allied


The way we work

We work as a taskforce – together, individually or with allied specialists. We work both on a strategic and an operational level.

We provide you with a new strategic mindset, strong management tools and inspire you with new ways of getting ahead in the game.

We challenge you and we give you new perspectives.

And we love execution!

Since the competitive landscape is fierce, we understand and respect our clients’ needs for confidentiality. 

As a task oriented company; we are specialist- and experience driven rather than a consultancy based on analysis. We feel the energy, engagement and responsibility and we value high work ethics.

Call us old-schooled; Spandet And Partners feel pride in our craft and experience within the fields of design and creative administration, leadership, organizational development and branding.

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Spandet And Partners ApS
Fredensvej 28
DK-2920 Charlottenlund
Tel +45 22 66 09 11

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