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Henrik Theilbjørn
Bestyrelsesformand & Investor, tidligere adm. direktør, IC Companys

"Det er sjældent at tunge brancheerfarne folk midt i karrieren tager springet og etablerer sig som uafhængige rådgivere – hvor fokus både er strategisk og praktisk – som det er tilfældet med Spandet And Partners. Man mærker det allerede ved første kontakt, at der ligger mange års praktisk erfaring med modebranchens mange faglige facetter bag selskabets stiftere, og som gør dem i stand til hurtigt og effektivt at forstå og perspektivere klienternes konkrete udfordringer.
Jeg har selv haft fornøjelsen af at trække på Spandet And Partners i en række professionelle sammenhænge og har alle gange været tilfreds med resultatet – og fornøjet over deres strukturerede og eksekverbare anbefalinger."


Lars Bøje Pedersen
Owner, Holly's ApS

"I have known Winnie in a short period as a consultant helping our business implementing a new IT systems and the professional challenges related to the process. Winnie has been a competent partner for our employees, she is motivated, is able to cut through and is working determined. We have known Winnie as a positive and clever girl. I hope that we will continue to have the opportunity to work with her in the future and give her our best recommendations."

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Henning Deichmann

"Henrik has been a member of the Board of Directors at DEICHMANN+CO LTD since the summer of 2007. During this period Henrik has contributed to the positive development in the company through his constructive input and knowledge about the fashion business. He also has been contributing by facilitating the discussions in the Board. We feel Henrik really has the interest of the company at heart."

Margit Egeskov & Marlene Eger Ullum
Owners, ej sikke lej A/S
November 10, 2010

"Spandet And Partners have assisted us since mid 2009 to formalize and implement a growth plan. Spandet And Partners have a strategic and hands-on approach to the tasks and have acted as an outsourced CEO, Supply Chain-, Brand/Marketing- and Sales Manager until we achieved the critical mass to expand and insource some of these functions. Spandet And Partners have loyally engaged themselves in all tasks and their proactive and independent approach was highly valuable."

Hans Peter Høeg Larsen
CEO & Owner, Ticket to Heaven A/S

"Spandet And Partners have assisted us with reinforcing our brand culture and a more well defined concept. They have redefined our DNA profile, visualized our 5 year strategy plan, developed concept/manuals for “Branded Retail” and coached the sales organization. Spandet And Partners achieve their results with high energy and empathy. Their individual competences complement each other well and their ability to operate “behind the scene” is extremely professional. Their deliverables will contribute significantly to execution of our expansion. Their trend insights and ability to define the core of our brand and the DNA profile are impressive. Any other company and brand in the consumer industry would benefit from their insight in prioritizing marketing and branding efforts. I warmly recommend Spandet And Partners to anyone wishing to strengthen it´s competitive position - not only in the fashion and lifestyle business."

Christina Larsen & Lars Bech
Owners, neutral®

“Spandet And Partners achieve their results with high professionalism. They deliver results beyond expectations and on time. Allan's and Henrik's individual competences complement eachother extremely well. Their deliverables will contribute significantly to execution of our expansion. Their trend insights and ability to think out of the box creating winning strategies are impressive.We warmly recommend Spandet And Partners to anyone."

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